A Day in the life of Claire Baxter a ConvaTec Product specialist.


Claire Baxter – ConvaTec Product Specialist (Stoma Care)


6.30am – The Military Operation begins - The sound of my husband’s annoying alarm awakens me at precisely 6.30 swiftly followed but my 1yr old shouting ‘Mammy, where are you?’ from her cot. Once dressed and the morning ritual of singing the ‘Good Morning Olivia’ song whilst standing over my eldest daughter’s bed is complete it is time to encourage (wrestle) the children to eat breakfast, brush their teeth and get dressed. After, shall we say ‘a little encouragement’ I am ready to tackle the dreaded school run.

8.45am – I arrive at the office and make myself a well-earned cup of coffee. The day begins with a 5-minute team huddle to discuss the previous days’ performance and any changes within the market place. Today it is my turn to lead the huddle.

 Team meeting.PNG

9.05am – I begin the day by scrawling through my emails and diary. This enables me to organise my workload into order of priority and set out a plan for the day (after 5 years in this role I have come to learn that your plan does not always go to plan). After completing any urgent hospital stock orders, I begin by processing any customer sample requests I have received via our website. ConvaTec marketing team have been extremely busy lately with our Direct to Consumer activity including the launch of our new Esteem Flex® Soft Convex pouch, therefore sample requests are coming in thick and fast! Calling each customer, I spend time listening to their needs, investigating by asking relevant questions and offering a solution.

ME+ Recovery.jpg

1.00pm – Time for lunch. In attempt to eat healthy after my Christmas blow out, today I’m having a ham salad (although I would much prefer the homemade chicken curry that my colleague has in his lunch box). Before heading to the canteen for lunch, myself and my colleague spend 5 minutes doing some gentle movements from ConvaTec’s me+™ Recovery program (much needed after sitting for a while).

 1.30pm – This afternoon I have a new member of staff shadowing me. Working through my diary, I contact customers to follow up on recent sample orders sent in the hope they have made a difference (knowing that I have added value to a customer’s life is by far, is the most rewarding aspect of my role).


3.45pm – I receive a phone call from a customer who is very upset. She has been let down by her current delivery company who have failed to deliver her stoma products leaving her with only 2 pouches. After a long chat and her agreeing to becoming an Amcare™ customer, the race is on to get her an urgent order out for next day delivery. After liaising with Dave (the saviour) in the warehouse to ensure that we have the product in stock, I drive the product up to the cutting room whom kindly agree to customize the lady’s order and get it sent out for next day delivery! (Phew) The lady is happy and we have gained a loyal customer, everyone’s a winner!

 No day is ever the same in this role and we often need to overcome unexpected challenges. Would I change it? No way!

  5.15pm – My day is done. I take 5 minutes to appreciate the peace and quiet before heading home to tackle the bath and bedtime routine.

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